Is Sugar Glider The Right Pet For You?

4 01 2010

Sugar Gliders are great animals, and can be a wonderful addition to your family. However, please consider what is best for the animal and yourself, as there are many PRO and CON for being a sugar glider owner. Too many times do people rush into buying these animals before looking at all factors, leaving many sugar gliders abandoned, homeless, sick, and even dead.

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Before you decide if a Sugar Glider is right for you, please consider the following :-

i ) Laws :
Sugar gliders are not legal to have as pets in some homes or apartments, such case is in university campus. That is why, it is important to research this to see if your place allows sugar gliders as pets, especially to those who are students.

ii ) Cost :
Sugar gliders are expensive animals. Prices start at about RM300 for a normal gray sugar glider. Sugar gliders are very social colony animal, therefore, it is recommended that you get 2 sugar gliders instead of just one, same sex pair are preferred. Sugar gliders need large cages, toys, and have a complex diet. Even if you get a good deal on the price for your sugar glider, and cage, there are a lot more costs ahead that must been considered, such as vet bills and diets.

iii ) Life Span :
A sugar glider in captivity can live up to 15 years, provided it has good care. That means 5,478 nights of, chopping up fresh fruit and veggies, touching bugs, balancing meals, cleaning cages, and spending quality time with your glider. Being that sugar gliders are very social animals, having only one, you must handle it a minimum of 2 hours each night, not doing so can lead to depression, and ultimately other health problems.

iv ) Allergic Reactions :
A sugar glider is a furred animal, therefore if anyone is allergic to animal fur in your household, a sugar glider may not be the best pet for you. Sugar gliders do not have much if any dander, so usually that isn’t a problem. People with sensitive skin may break out in a rash when handling sugar gliders. As part of their grooming practices, sugar glider will “sneeze” on their hands and groom their fur. The saliva in combination with their sharp nails can puncture the skin and cause a condition known as Dermatitis.

v ) Vets :
A sugar glider is considered an exotic animal, therefore not all vets treat them. It is important that you find a good vet that has knowledge of your exotic pet, before you get your sugar glider.

vi ) Can not be potty trained :
Sugar gliders can not be potty trained as they have little to no bowel control. They go whenever and where ever, which includes on you and your clothes.

vii ) Children :
A sugar glider can be a great pet for older children. If you do decide to buy a glider for a child, keep in mind that you will have to supervise care, as well as handling. Sugar gliders don’t make good pets for young children, seeing that they love to squeeze their pets, and could possibly injured the sugar glider’s fragile body.

viii ) Smell :
There is a smell that comes with the sugar glider, as they do have scent glands. There are things you can do, such as, having a male neutered. Also regular cage cleaning will be needed. Males may mark you with his scent to claim you as his. Some owners add a few drops of apple cider vinegar to neutralize the urine and musky smell with some success.

ix ) Other Animals :
In the wild, sugar gliders’ predators are mostly predatory birds, such as owls. Sugar gliders should not be kept in the same room as screechy birds, because they find their calls threatening. As a general rule, sugar gliders and other pets don’t get a long. Some dogs and cats can care less about the presence of your new glider, but others will just wait for the right opportunity. Use your judgment in these matters. Gliders should always have their own housing. Housing them with other animals can be very stressful for your glider.




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