Get Ready For A Glider!

26 01 2010

So you decided to buy a sugar glider. Before actually taking a glider back home, please make sure the things I listed below are already at your house. This post is a check list to help you prepare basic necessities for the glider.

1. Cage (Please buy at least 3ft tall bird cage)

2. Sleeping Pouch

3. Water Bottle

4. Bonding Pouch

5. Wodent Wheel (The only recommended wheel for gliders in Malaysia)

As for diet:

6. Bugsy HPW (Buy original Bugsy products, proven safe & healthy)

7. Fresh fruits & veggie

All items above (except #7) are available at Malaysia’s most awesome pet shop: PET SHACK. Log on to for more info.





One response

12 08 2011
sugar glider habitats

Hey, I’m adopting a glider of two years she is very sweet but does not like to be held and can I introduce a young male fast or should I wait for a couple of months until she settled what can I do help her be more social with humans.

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