Neutering Sugar Gliders

2 03 2010

Many of the people in this country seems opposed to the idea of neutering their male gliders. They say it’s a cruel and unnatural thing to do to an animal. But, there are actually many benefits of neutering a Sugar Glider.

  1. To prevent joeys. Animals are not like humans. You can’t just put them together and not expect them to breed. And when the litters are born, who is going to take care of them? Sure, you can sell them off, but can you guarantee the buyer would take care of them the best way they can? Another possibility is by keeping the offspring yourself, but are you prepare to house them in separate cages to prevent inbreeding, immature breeding and many other problems?|
  2. To house several gliders together. This is especially important if you have more than one males.  If you even have one female in the house, even though it is not housed together with the males, the males will fight for dominance and breeding rights. Neutered gliders don’t have the urge to breed, therefore this problems wont occur.
  3. It will reduce the risk of testicular cancer and sexually transmitted diseases, since the testicles and sexual urges are removed.
  4. It reduces the gliders from producing scent gland on their chest and head, thus avoiding the gliders from having bald head and chests. It also helps reduces the smells produced by male gliders.
  5. It reduces the mating urges. This is especially important when the gliders loves to ‘play’ rough and caused mating wounds on the females.
  6. It also helps in preventing self-mutilating, when the problem is hormone driven.

So, for those who has, or planning to keep male and female gliders together, please consider neutering. It’s the best way to keep several gliders together.

You can see the Local Glider Vets for vets who are experienced in handling gliders in Malaysia, since they also provides neutering services.

Source on Neutering Benefits: Suz’ Sugar Glider




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